06/11/17 – Session #17

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The Plough Maltings – Burton On Trent


Herbert Couchman was chief engineer and architect to Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton of Burton upon Trent from 1891. This energetic and meticulous engineer designed an eighth malthouse at Shobnall for the firm in 1891, and then the reconstructed Plough Maltings, Horninglow Street, Burton, in 1899. Couchman was a versatile designer, becoming personally involved with the construction of everything from locomotives to churches in his time with Bass, Ratcliff & Gretton. His best known work was the development of the Sleaford Maltings complex in 1903-6.


The Plough Maltings (Herbert Couchman, 1899-1902), opposite the former Coors Visitor Centre. This substantial red brick structure, currently thought to be threatened by redevelopment, was not a traditional floor maltings but a drum maltings.

All I can say about this building is wow… it is just sat in the town centre of such a busy town and is being left to decay. Pigeons have taken up shelter inside, part of the roof must be damaged and the floors are now damp and rotten. However, none of this takes away from the shear size and scale of it.
I can’t find a great deal of history about it online but after looking around the place, I’d guess and say it closed down some time around the 1950s as that was the last date on most of the electrical fuse boxes.
We managed to get a good look around everywhere and as with any building like this, it is clear that locals are/have used it for nefarious purposes.
I really do hope that the building is renovated and restored to house some form of bustling industry.


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