27/09/17 – Session #16

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The Thatched Cottage – Chapel St Leonards


Sadly I can’t anything about this place. All I know is that it was built after 1900 in the form of earlier buildings.
It is not shown on the 1900’s Ordnance Survey map. It also had a new roof fitted around mid 2015.

Such a shame that this has just been left to be reclaimed by nature. I don’t know why this beautiful cottage has been abandoned and left to rot, sadly at the time of my visit there were no locals around for me to ask. Judging by the notice on the door, which is an order to cutback the over grown foliage, I would guess that it is still owned by someone who has no interest in it for one reason or another.
The interior is absolutely ruined throughout, damp and rot has taken most of the upstairs floors. There are a few items still left inside but these all seem to have been destroyed by vandals.


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