30/08/17 – Session #8

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Fole Dairy – Fole


Fole dairy occupied the site of Fole Mill, originally built in 1771 for Henry Copestake. The Dairy opened in the 1920s and was originally owned by Co-operative Wholesale Society (C.W.S.) Milk Group, and produced milk and cream. In 1995 management passed to Associated Co-operative Creameries, and finally in 2006 to Dairy Farmers of Britain (D.F.B.). At the time the Dairy closed on 31 March 2009 it employed 246 people.

This place is absolutely huge! Whilst it has been almost completely emptied, its easy to imagine what went on in each of the rooms and the volume of milk that probably came through here. It has been 8 years since the dairy shut and nature definitely has begun to take back parts of the outside. I highly doubt that this site will remain standing long enough for nature to reclaim it, it will most likely be a housing estate in the next few years.


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