Hey, thanks for visiting The Developing Photographer.

I am a DJ & graphic designer based in Burton On Trent. I have always had an interest in photography but have never really had the time to follow it through. I recently bought a DSLR, Canon 700D, and started snapping away and learning constantly. When I began to take photos, I needed to find something that I really wanted to take photos of.

This search got me into urbex (Urban Exploration). I enjoy being in places that people don’t get to see and seeing the decay that takes place once a place is abandoned.
I also really enjoy night photography, be that long exposure, night skies or light painting.

I intend to continue taking photos of what I enjoy and meeting new people along the way, so if you subscribe to the site or like our page on Facebook you’ll continue to see the latest photos uploaded.

I hope you enjoy my images and I welcome any feedback.